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Interceptor Drain - Napa County Residence Final Site Grading and Drainage  - Copain Winery, Sonoma County Two Cell Process Wastewater Pond Under Construction - Domaine Carneros Winery, Napa County Pressure Distribution (PD) Trenches Under Construction - Goldridgepinot Winery, Sonoma County
New Restroom Building - Hopmonk Tavern, Sonoma County Advantex Pre-treatment Filters, Septic Tanks, and Sump Tanks for Both Domestic and Process Wastewater Systems - Copain Winery, Sonoma County Mound System Under Construction - Sonoma County Residence At-Grade System - Sonoma County Residence
Erosion Control Measures - Copain Winery, Sonoma County Monitoring an Existing Mound System at the Control Panel - Sonoma County Residence Pressure Distribution (PD) System Installation - Napa Valley Vineyard Mound System - Napa County Residence